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Thank you very Mulch

This week saw 6 intrepid members of Team Pulpex attend our new stadium site to help with a spot of landscaping. Mainly spreading out the huge pile of Mulch that was delivered recently and turning the exterior of the ground into a more appealing sight rather than a building site.

Armed with shovels the group that also included City regulars, Plumby, Andy and Harold had to battle the elements to get the job done.

Unfortunately their kindness was not matched by that of mother nature as they experienced cold conditions and drizzle for much of the exercise. Still they ploughed on with steely determination to get it done. We think you’ll agree they did a fantastic job and fully deserved their new Cambridge City Bobble Hats.

"With the stadium opening date getting ever closer, it’s fantastic to collaborate with the community and local businesses. We can’t thank Pulpex enough for their generosity of spirit in helping us out, especially in such horrible conditions. We look forward to rewarding them with a day out at the football when we are open for business"

~ Alice Dewey - General Manager

"It was really great working with Alice and the other volunteers of Cambridge City Football Club. The ground looks fantastic and we're pleased to have been part of the project, helping towards the big opening in 2024."

~ Adam Cooper - Business Support Director

Pulpex is a packaging technology company with a single-minded mission to deliver sustainability through renewable packaging.

With over 1.3 trillion glass and plastic bottles produced globally each year, Pulpex works closely with industry leaders representing some of the largest international brands across a broad range of consumer good sectors.

Together, their goal is to harness the ecological credentials of pulp to champion a revolutionary approach to packaging – a present day ‘hot topic’ on almost every corporate social and sustainability agenda.

To find out more about Pulpex, visit them on their website

So from Champions of Pulp to champions of Mulch. We thank you all;

Team Pulpex

Chris Corrigan

Josh Prestage

Joel Davies

Zoe Massey

Euan Burns

Adam Cooper

Big Thank You for the generous discount from our friends at Madingley Mulch

If you would like to hear more about Camrbidge City FC or would like to become involved as a volunteer, please contact our General Manager Alice Dewey,

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