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The sun sets on a turbulent Season but with promise of a new dawn

As the final whistle blew, signalling the end of a tumultuous season, we found ourselves breathing a collective sigh of relief. Surviving the drop by the narrowest of margins, and our fate sealed by goal difference but this time in a positive light, marking the culmination of a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

The season had dawned with promises of greatness, buoyed by preseason preparations led by Robbie, retaining seasoned players like Taylor Parr, Scott Bridges, Joe Welch, and Ryan Ingrey set a sturdy foundation. Yet, it was the infusion of fresh talent such as Stefan Broccoli and Joe Hood, alongside the return of Ryan Swift, that injected newfound optimism.

The journey kicked off with a last gasp victory over Gresley Rovers, setting the tone for what seemed like a promising campaign. Our FA Cup run added to the excitement, with memorable victories against Hadleigh United at the second time of asking, after a severe downpour led to the abandonment of the first game, a convincing 4-1 Victory over Newmarket Town and Leighton Town showcasing the team's prowess with an astonishing 6-1 win. Biggleswade were despatched before the run culminated in a 3-0 defeat at the hands of National League North side, Hereford FC in what proved to be a fantastic day out for players and supporters and a taste of the heights that the club aims to achieve in the coming years.

However, setbacks loomed, epitomised by a disappointing exit from the FA Trophy at the hands of the very same Leighton Town.

Injuries compounded the challenges, with key players like Joe Hood and Ryan Swift sidelined for significant stretches. The infamous "goal that never was" during a match against Bedworth United added to the surreal narrative of the season, encapsulating the bizarre twists fate had in store.

A string of defeats leading up to Christmas plunged City into a relegation battle, testing the resilience of both players and supporters alike. Yet, glimmers of hope emerged with a crucial victory against Gresley Rovers and a solid battling point at home to Corby Town, hinting at a potential turnaround.

December and January bought reinforcements in the form of new signings, including Manny Dahie, Ben Garwood and Will Jones, and spirited performances such as the triumph over Anstey Nomads, however, injuries continued to haunt the team. The loss of Mikey Davies to a long-term injury further compounded the teams woes, underscoring the fragility of the campaign.

As the season neared its conclusion, we found ourselves teetering on the brink of safety. A hard-fought draw against Hinckley LRFC provided a semblance of security, but we still required a gritty display against Lye Town in the season's final fixture to secure survival, albeit by the slimmest of margins.

Reflecting on the trials and tribulations of the season, we extend our gratitude and thanks to St Ives Town FC for their hospitality, marking the end of an era as the club look ahead to a positive new chapter. And of course our amazing fans who have followed us up and down the country. You really are a credit to the club.

While the season has come to an end the new season, off the field at least, has already begun. Amidst some uncertainties surrounding the opening of a new stadium, we look ahead with optimism. A glimmer of good news is that the FA's ground grading was completed last week and plans are underway for us the meet the required standards to be able to start the season in our new home. We are a few weeks away from knowing with any certainty and hope to bring a confirmed decision to you soon. Until then, the frantic work behind the scenes will continue.

We hope you all enjoy the summer break, and remind you that we are still on the lookout for Sponsors and volunteers to help push towards an opening date. If you are interested in helping out or promoting your business via any of the sponsorship opportunities we have, please get in touch with

See you all next Season.

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