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Stadium is Springing to life

It’s not just flowers that are rising from the ground this springtime, a stadium is also starting to grow into the new home of Cambridge City Football Club in the South Cambridgeshire village of Sawston.

With ducting for drainage and utilities installed, the foundations and base of the new stadiums main stand were poured in sections over a period of weeks. With this now in place we are just a few weeks away from Stadium Solutions starting work to build the structure of the stand.

Elsewhere on the site, fence posts have been installed around the perimeter of the site and, once tarmac is laid, the panels will be installed. The base for the turnstiles has been laid and further kerb stones have been laid to define certain areas of the site such as the memorial garden - a place for people to remember and reflect about those no longer with us.

City Chairman, Kevin Satchell, said; “The better weather will help us no end as groundwork continues on the site. With each visit the site looks more and more like a football stadium that we will proudly call home in the near future.”

With delays caused by COVID and the availability of materials, the club have negotiated a rolling groundshare deal with Histon FC for the 2022/23 season should it be required.

Ken Anderson, City Vice-Chairman, added; “We are grateful to Histon FC for agreeing to a groundshare for next season, should it be required. Whilst we hope not to have to use their facilities for much longer the club board felt it best to prepare for all eventualities - just in case.”

The new stadium brings a host of commercial opportunities for local, regional and national business to be part of. If you would like more information on becoming a partner with the football club either after or during the stadium build please contact;

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