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Slow progress at Sawston

As our ever-loyal supporters that attended our recent fans forum will know, our stadium build at Sawston has unfortunately experienced some delays, mainly related to the rising cost and dwindling availability of steel.

The result is an estimated completion date of summer 2022 rather than early 2022 as previously communicated. That said, positive work continues at pace on the site as a new community stadium begins to rise.

Piling work has been completed, with around 250 concrete piles being driven down to approximately 18-meters in depth, these will support the main stand foundations which are scheduled to be poured in early January. Following this, the main stand structure will start to appear in February with a 3-month lead time, followed by internal fit out. The internal layout of the main stand is continuously developing to ensure it maximises future revenue generation for the football club.

Stadium Solutions have arrived on site this week to begin installing three standing terraces around the main pitch, these ‘8-tread’ terraces will allow for seating to be installed in the future. The vertical frames are due to be completed by Christmas with the roofs and final finish being completed in the New Year.

Away from the stadium, work is underway to add a footpath and cycle path along the drive way, amenity lighting foundations being installed and dedicated parking for visiting coaches being prepared.

City Chairman, Kevin Satchell said, “The news that our stadium build has fallen behind schedule will be disappointing to our fans for sure but throughout the project we have been determined to get things right rather than rushing them. We continue to thank our loyal supporters and the people of Sawston for their patience as we look to deliver first-class facilities to preserve the football club for future generations.”

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