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Sawston Update - December 2023

As we look towards the end 2023, we are pleased to bring you an update on our stadium build.

Something you are all waiting for, and we are patiently waiting too on the FA approving our stadium for football. Unfortunately, they continue to discuss our stadium and whether we can move in now or have to wait. There was a generic update on the Stadium Accreditation process recently in that they have assessed 95% of the stadiums within step 3 to 6 of the NLS so far, providing a full picture of the condition of stadia across NLS and a staggered approach will be adopted to awarding grades for 2023/24 season. The FA will release reports in the coming weeks to clubs. As we currently groundsharing at St Ives, we will have been assessed there but we have requested for our new stadium to be assessed and continue to have dialogue with the FA on a decision and progress on our stadium build.


Talking of this, we have had a busy couple of weeks, with Stadium Solutions returning to site to finish off the stadium boundary fencing and gates. These hadn’t been installed when the rest of it was, due to the topcoat of tarmac having to be laid first, which has now been done! This week they have also been on site installing the front porch and one of the upstairs fire exit. This fire exit was delayed in the initial install due to a change required in the structure and layout of the door and it is now recessed into the building. Therefore, we now have a watertight building!

Over the last couple of months: -

  • N&C Glass have been on site to fit the front porch windows and doors ready for the roof and walls.

  • Pegasus have installed the external steel doors around the building.

  • Flowscreed have been on site laying the ground floor insulation and screed to bring the floor up to its finished floor level.

  • Stadium Solutions have installed the two internal staircases, one will predominately be a fire exit, the other is the main staircase taking up to hospitality and meeting rooms. The luxury balustrade for this is still to be installed.


There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes as we continue to chase contractors and supplies and the M&E design is being completed as we write this, with the internal tender package due to go out after Christmas. We then hope to appoint a contractor early in the new year with commencement soon after. As we know timeframes can move but we envisage a smooth transition for the final stages.


The most exciting addition to site over the last month was accepting delivery of the changing rooms as you will know was funded by our recent Crowdfunder, another step closer to matches taking place at the stadium. We were overwhelmed when we reached the crowdfunding target, and we would like to thank you all again for supporting this fantastic community campaign.


We would also like to extend our thanks to the handful of volunteers that continue to keep on top of the substantial amounts of grass, whether this be cutting and maintenance on the main pitch and 3G or the landscaping around the ground. Thank you!


We look forward to bringing you more news in the new year, in the meantime we hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year with family and friends. If you have any questions, come and speak to any Board member at a game.


Merry Christmas!!

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Mar 21

good luck city hope yo see you at sawston soon ...jb old supporter


Mar 17

I follow Spurs, Cambridge United and will be adding Cambridge City to my interests and definately will be visiting.🤗


Feb 08

Amazed by the foot dragging by the authorities but bureaucrats love to interfere and pretend they are important.

Looking forward to seeing City play here. Will alternate between watching United and City if at all possible.


Jan 22

Hope I live to finally see it open


Jan 07

The stadium looks superb. Looking forward to the Sawston ground scheduling its' first match.

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