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Sawston Update - April

We are aware that many of you have questions about the new stadium and while we try and update you as often as we can, it’s impossible to report every little development but rest assured we are working hard to bring you the stadium as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we are often in the hands of third parties like councils, building control and contractors but we continue to press on as quickly as we can.


Since the last update we have seen progress made with;

  • The return of Christie’s Lighting to install floodlight pylons on the grass pitches which have amenity lamps to project light over the car park along the front of the main stand. They have also installed the remaining streetlamps across the site and now awaiting power.

  • AT Bone returned to the site over the last couple of weeks, to install the remaining aco drains and pin kerbs that needed to go in around the away turnstile.

  • ATB have also been filling in these areas with type 1 and type 2 materials in preparation for the base course and surface course of tarmac to be laid in the next few months.

  • The steel of the Main Stand has been painted with fire protection for fire regulations.

  • Both Home & Away Turnstiles have been installed along with the dugouts, which are now awaiting seats.

  • We welcomed N&C Glass from Ely to the site last week to start installing the window frames and glass. The frames overlooking the pitch are anthracite grey which compliments nicely the slate grey walls. With doors soon to be installed, making the structure watertight. The frames to the front of the main stand started this week and will match the colour of the panel it sits in. Once N&C have finished on-site the floor build-up will be installed taking us to mid-May before the internal fit can start.

  • The recent sun has also helped the grass pitch flourish with more feed and preparation to come.

We know you are all very excited, as we are, to move into the new stadium and while it’s frustrating for all of us that the delays keep coming, everyone involved in the project is working extremely hard to bring the stadium to a reality. We promise it will be worth the wait. Please see the below pictures to give you an idea of what has been happening.

We are in the process of arranging a Supporter’s open day after the end of the season when the weather improves a little. It’ll be an opportunity for you to get a feel for our new home as well as ask any questions. Keep watching our media platforms for a date coming soon.

As always, your support and the support from our corporate sponsors is vital to help us progress. There are lots of commercial opportunities for businesses and individuals to be part of this exciting project and to partner with us for our new home and future, however small or large the budget may be. Please download and share our commercial brochure far and wide and we rise together with us!

Contact Alice at for more information

Corporate Sponsorship
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