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Open letter to all associated with Cambridge City FC

In December, the board collectively decided to support our Manager, Robbie Nightingale, believing him to be the right person to guide us through the remainder of the season and maintain our status at Step 4.

Despite a positive position after the Coventry game, recent results have hindered our progress towards that goal. With only three games remaining, we still believe that a managerial change now is not the solution and we put our trust in Robbie, his management team and the players to deliver.

Instead, we are focused on bolstering confidence within the team and management to navigate through this challenging period.

Our players are fully committed in training, and our staff are tirelessly working to translate these efforts into positive results on the field. We acknowledge the frustration when matchday performances fall short of the expectations the management and players set.

As an open club, we value everyone's opinions. While many opinions are valid and shared by us, some online comments are either based on hearsay or factually incorrect. Such speculation undermines the unity of the club, demoralises our staff, volunteers, and team, and creates a negative atmosphere. We urge unity and encourage anyone with concerns to reach out to us directly, either at games or via email. We are always available and open to conversations with you.

Off the field, work continues on our new stadium at Sawston. However, many setbacks including budget overruns, have slowed progress. The stadium is being built to accommodate football at Step 2 of the Non-League pyramid, ensuring the club's future sustainability. The importance of opening Sawston for next season cannot be overstated. Ground sharing has become increasingly challenging, both financially and operationally, especially given the current cost-of-living crisis. We appreciate the support from various sources, but the ongoing struggle to cover expenses persists.

Externally the stadium is nearing completion although we still await an electrical connection to the National Grid. This has been caused by hugely expensive legal delays.

Discussions with the FA are ongoing but our target is to start playing at the new stadium for the 2024/25 season using temporary installations to meet ground grading requirements.

Despite the obstacles, we remain optimistic about the future and eagerly anticipate the next chapter at our new home.

We thank you for you continued support

Best wishes

Kevin Satchell & The Board

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