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Level Up Athletes Partnership

Cambridge City FC are proud to be partnering with Level Up Athletes. Level Up Coaches Luke & Darryl have recently been working with our Women and girls at their training sessions but also our teams have been going to the Level Up studio for strength and conditioning sessions with weights and other equipment. The girls and managers have seen progress this season in movement and fitness.

Level Up is dedicated to developing the younger generation (ages 10-18) into the best athletes they can be for their respective sports. To excel in their chosen sport, athletes must also excel in their overall athleticism. Our focus encompasses full-body function, movement patterns, stability, fitness, agility, speed, landing techniques, and plyometrics, all aimed at reducing the risk of injury.

The sessions will be:

. Movement patterns

. Speed

. Agility and change of direction

. Landing and jumping (plyometrics)

. Accelerate and decelerate 

. Full body function


To find out more visit: LU Athletes | Level Up Gym

 or get in touch via email on or phone 07557277525. 

Get in touch now to be guaranteed a space for summer!

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