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Fundraiser done!!! Race Report

A huge thank you to everyone that supported mine and Angela's Ultramarathon attempt on the South Downs this weekend.

I originally set the target to be £1000 but you were all so generous that we upped it to £1,500 and I am so pleased to tell you that the current total stands at £1,597. The money raised will be going toward the Changing Rooms for the 3G pitch. These facilities will be enjoyed by all of our teams so we're delighted to be contributing towards a much needed facility.

It's not too late to add your contribution, please visit our go fund me page.

We started the day at 08:30 on the playing fields next to Worthing College with 50 miles (80km) ahead of us. The first 10K was pretty slow going with 400 people on a single track heading up to the top of the South Downs Way. By the time we reached Cissbury Ring the field had spread out quite a bit so we were able to run our own pace. 17km in was the first aid station so we have a chance to refill water bottles and tuck into some food to refuel before heading back out. There were 6 aid stations in total and every single one has a steep descent in followed by a steep ascent back out again.

We were lucky with the weather; it was pretty sunny with very little wind but most importantly, it never looked like rain. With a mixture of running the downs and the flat and hiking up the steepest hills, we made pretty good progress and reached halfway in 5 hours and 30 mins. From this point, there was an excellent view of Brighton & Hove Albions Amex Stadium

In Ultramarathon running they say the race doesn't start until half-way and it proved to be so true. Coming out of the aid station was a daunting climb which went on forever before we reached some flatter ground and it was a killer on the legs, once you're over a marathon distance it starts to become mindset that will get you to the finish line.

As we approached the last aid station at Jevington the sun was setting behind us, allowing us to stop and grab a photo and I think it was at this point that we both realised we'd pretty much done it. With just 5 miles to go there was nothing that would stop us.

We had decided to carry running poles with us and it proved to be a savvy decision as we started picking off people in front of us as they struggled on the down hills. The poles don't make you faster but they help save the quads for those downhill stints, as we descended into Eastbourne we went past several people struggling to walk down "How the F**k are you running this bit" exclaimed one. Personally, I think it was a combination of the poles saving our legs, gravity and losing the will to live that was fuelling us at this point.

The final stretch through the streets of Eastbourne seemed like an eternity before we saw the bright lights of the Eastbourne Athletics Club and the cruelty of one lap around the track before crossing the finish line in 11 hours and 37 mins.

An awesome experience and the extra motivation of doing it for a good cause made it an amazing weekend. We met some incredible people along the way and we loved every second of it.

Thanks again for the donations but equally your support and words of encouragement, You really gave us the boost we needed to get it done. Cambridge City FC is a truly amazing family.

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