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City Volunteers Celebrate National Volunteer Day

We had a great morning with the teams from Pitching in who visited the new Ground to talk to us about volunteering. You can watch the video here.

Without the support of our amazing Volunteer Army, we would not be able to open the turnstiles every week, the support that they give on and off the field is invaluable. We are always looking for volunteers to help with Car Parking, Programme Sales, litter picking, cleaning changing rooms and much much more.

If you enjoy coming to the games and you can spare anytime before or after the match we would love for you to help sustain the club by giving us a moment of your time.

To step up and volunteer on matchdays or any other time, please get in touch using the contact button below and join the CCFC Volunteer Army.

Please contact General Manager, Alice Dewey for more info

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Mark Sorenson
Mark Sorenson
16 jan. 2023

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