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City put down roots in Sawston

We will be able to continue our commitment to the environment and

sustainability thanks to a generous donation of 800 tree saplings which were planted early this month on site at our new stadium in Sawston, South Cambridgeshire.

The saplings, which were kindly donated by the Woodland Trust, were planted around the site and will provide habitats for wildlife along with supporting the fight against climate change by helping to lock-in carbon and reduce pollution with the average tree absorbing nearly 10kg of carbon each year for the first 20 years of its life.

Species of tree planted include; rowan, silver birch, hazel, blackthorn, oak and willow and will all help with the transformation of this former brownfield site into a fantastic leisure and entertainment facility for the local community. The trees will also form part of The Queen’s Green Tree Canopy, a project celebrating The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee as well as The Big Climate Fightback.

We were overwhelmed by the amount of people that attended and helped plant the saplings in under 2 hours; supporters of the club but lots of residents from Sawston and surrounding villages, creating a fantastic legacy for future generations. As a football club we are committed to doing the right thing for our people and the environment, when we learnt about this fantastic opportunity with the Woodland Trust we could not wait to get involved.

We are also busy building a partnership with The Challis Trust in Sawston to design and build a memorial garden. Mike Redshaw from the Challis Trust, recently delivered some Golden Rain Trees, grown in the Challis Garden that were also planted around the stadium.

A Big Thank you is needed for everyone that came along and helped plant but also to The Challis Trust for donating some of their Golden Rain!

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