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Boys Youth Update

Discussions have been ongoing recently to ensure that we are proactively monitoring our Youth set-up and working towards developing a robust youth football pathway, which is crucial for identifying and nurturing talent.

In a first step towards achieving this, Neil Midgley, the Director of Youth, has placed himself within the Under 18s management team for the remainder of the season. With current Under 18s manager, Matt Mee set to depart at the end of the season, this move is to help facilitate the transition to a new management team at the start of next season while supporting the progression of the current players and U16s stepping up into the squad.

This new role does not affect his existing role in the first team set up.

We spoke to Neil to get his thoughts on the plans for youth development

The youth section has always been a source of pride here at Cambridge City. Therefore it’s important we focus on evaluating the standards of the U18s next season. I’m looking forward to working alongside Matt Mee and Si Coxhall as well as the U16s management team to identify future first team prospects. I will also look to bring the under 18s back into the youth set up and put together the best process to help their development.
As it stands the jump from 18s to the first team is huge, so we need to try and bridge that gap. Moving into Sawston will allow us to create extra steps in the pathway like the introduction of an U23s or possibly an extra team at 18s and an A side at mens grassroots level. I am currently having these discussions at board level to find out what is possible and would fit our plans.

~ Neil Midgley - Director of Youth Football

The future of youth football at Cambridge City FC is looking bright and we look forward to bringing you further updates as the situation develops.

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