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City appoint new Head of Academy Football

Cambridge City Football Club is excited to announce the selection of Paul Cherry as our new Head of Academy Football.

In light of recent discussions surrounding the Youth Pathway, and with Neil Midgley at the helm of youth football development, we are embarking on the early stages of planning for an academy to further bolster our dedication to youth within the club and the broader community.

Paul brings a wealth of experience from the education sector, specializing in Sports Science, having played an instrumental role at the acclaimed Port Vale FC academy. A Founding Trustee of the football charity Pro Level Vision, which offers elite academy-style coaching from current professional footballers and UEFA A coaches. Working at this level within the industry will only help to further enhance the academy within the football club.

Residing locally in Sawston and possessing a fervent passion for football, particularly in nurturing young talent, we eagerly anticipate the invaluable experience and expertise that Paul will contribute to the club's future academy plans.

His extensive background in youth development underscores Cambridge City FC's steadfast commitment to nurturing the next generation of football stars. His proven track record and commitment to instilling fundamental values closely align with the club's vision for its academy.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the appointment, Paul remarked, "I am honoured to join Cambridge City FC and spearhead the academy's footballing initiatives. The club's rich history of talent cultivation excites me, and I look forward to contributing to the continued growth and success of its youth program. The Overall, the purpose of our academy is to foster holistic development, empowering individuals to excel not only as athletes but as well-rounded individuals with the tools to thrive in both their sporting and personal lives."

Chairman of Cambridge City FC, Kevin Satchell, echoed Paul's sentiments, stating, "We warmly welcome Paul to the Cambridge City family. His appointment signifies our ongoing dedication to providing outstanding opportunities for young individuals to flourish and realize their potential. With Paul leading the way, we are confident that our academy will thrive."

This appointment marks the commencement of an extensive journey to ensure the provision of top-tier facilities. With a projected start date set for September 2025, Paul is poised to undertake this remarkable project and will be working hard between now and then to build a successful framework for our future stars and also provide an educational opportunity for individuals within the local community.

For all enquiries or questions, please contact Paul via email

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