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Wedding. What Wedding?
Posted by Debbie Mosley
May 18, 2018, 12:34

Instead of watching Meghan and Harry tie the knot tomorrow, why don't you take a short drive over to Newmarket Town FC and hopefully witness the making of some history. This season, all City Girls teams have reached their respective Cup Finals and so far they have won all of them! We are hoping (no pressure!) that our teams playing tomorrow will make it a full house of seven out of seven. Now that would be impressive!

Following speculation in the press, City Ladies chairman Tim Rapley released a statement this morning in which he states that he can neither deny or confirm that the real reason why Ms Markle's father cannot attend the wedding in Windsor is because he really wants to come and watch the City Girls lift the trophies in Newmarket.

Ladies: Cambridge City v Cambridge United, Thurs 10th May, City won 3 : 1
Under 17s: Cambridge City v Stotfold, Fri 16th March, City won 5 : 0
Under 15s: Cambridge City v Isleham, Tues 17th April, City won 6 : 2
Under 14s: Cambridge City v ICA, Fri 11th May, City won 4 : 0
Under 13s: Cambridge City v Coton, Sat 19th May, KO 10:00 @ Newmarket Town FC
Under 12s: Cambridge City v Panthers, Sat 19th May, KO 11:30 @ Newmarket Town FC
Under 11s: Cambridge City v Coton, Sat 19th May, KO 13:00 @ Newmarket Town FC.

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